Hello world!


Happy New Year and Welcome to MakaKoa.org!

Here, you’ll get a daily dose of me, Maka Koa, also known as Koa, Kolar, Wanker, Pookie, Stupid Dog, Puppy, and Dog. I live in San Francisco with The Girl and Bossman, who feed me (most of the time), bathe me (sometimes), and give me a place to sleep (all the time).

I was born in Nipomo, CA where they picked me up on a sunny afternoon in June of 2004. My pops is named Kingo and my mommy is Cami. I still keep in touch with my 3/4 brother Mochi and 1/2 sister Fuji who live in San Diego. I consider myself a city dog now. However, for the first three years of my life, I grew up as a suburban dog with the comforts of grass everywhere and enclosed dog parks. I now answer to a piercing whistle that the Bossman learned from the internet and I’m allowed off-leash sometimes.

When I’m not napping, I like to lounge on the couch when Bossman isn’t looking. I’ll show off all my toys when you come over and I don’t usually let strangers pet me. I have nasal allergies (probably to myself ) and will do tricks for baby carrots. I hate water but love to drink from the Christmas tree stand.

I’m not a fox. I’m a Shiba Inu. And yes, this is as big as I get. Most importantly, I’m a badass pup with a big head and a stubborn streak. I’ll come running to you on my own time and like the spot in front of my tail scratched.

The Girl likes to take photos of me on a regular basis and I humor her. I’d rather not be held or hugged but I will let the girl give me my daily “huggy hug” (as she calls it). It’s mostly because she’s the one who takes me out to the park twice a day.

I hope you enjoy this year of me. My good looks and wit will keep you coming back each day. But if that’s not enough, the girl takes some pretty good photos too.

Enjoy and feel free to comment as you wish.

My Peeps

Before we go ahead any further, please allow me to introduce you to my most important peeps.


Head of the crew is Bossman. He’s quiet but has a mean whistle that echoes off the baseball stadium when we’re at the park. He confuses me and certainly keeps me on my toes. At any moment, he can unleash a surprise attack on me (i.e. flipping me over on my back and holding all of my legs together) or present me with a scrumptious slice of salami. Who can tell?! All I know is that he’s the boss and when he walks into the room while I’m on the couch, I know it’s time for me to get the f*** off.


Second string in the crew is The Girl. She accompanies me on my daily walks and has many nicknames for me. She likes to flash me in the eye with her camera and gives me lots of hugs (which I hate) and scratches (which I love) throughout the day. When it’s time to ride in the car, she lets me sit shotgun. Score. I think she’s just a sucker for my stunningly good looks.

Got any carrots?


Hello there. Could I bother you for a treat or quick walk outside? Perhaps if I just sit here and keep staring at you, you will give in to my dashing good looks and do as I say?

Dog in the ‘Hood


This is me doing my impression of a hard-ass gangsta. It could also be my impression of a FOB in front of a touristy spot. I can’t decide. Anyway, this is my ‘hood. I pee on this landmark twice a day just to make sure every dog in the neighborhood knows that I own it. Yeah, that’s right. It’s mine.

Road Trip!

dsc_0387a.jpg p1010093a.jpg

Riding in the car is awesome. Our last road trip during Christmas was smooth and easy. I sat in the backseat with a cooler of Coors Light and my best bud, Fabian Fox. Bossman is always sleeping as The Girl drives. Man, I should be riding shotgun!

Yoga Schmoga. It’s nap time!


I’m pretty good at finding places to comfy places to sleep. A backpack, a kitchen towel, paper bag…yoga mat. It’s all good.

Poopie diapers rule.


This is me with my buddy, Baby J. He’s a wee little guy and smells tasty. Er, um…I mean, his diapers smell tasty. I was on Little Dude Duty tonight and boy am I “pooped”. Ha! I couldn’t resist.


Rain, Rain, Go Away


It’s been raining here for the past few days and I hate it. My fur gets all wet. The wind blows water in my face. The grass gets all muddy. And everything smells funny. Maybe I should learn how to use the toilet.

Folded Up


I did laundry all day and boy am I in need of a fat nap.

Me and Walter


Say “hello” to my little friend Walter.  He’s a Walkie Bit that was adopted by The Girl about a year ago.  He dances, sings, and always beats me at staring contests.   *sigh*